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Apple’s event Oct 2021: Macbook air M1 VS Pro M1 VS M1X

Mahmoud Magdy

16 October, 2021

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When is Apple's October event?

How to watch Apple’s event?

Full Comparison Macbook air M1 VS Macbook Pro M1





Battery life

Facetime Camera



Touch ID

MacBook air M1 VS Macbook Pro M1 VS Macbook pro M1X Prices?

MacBook pro M1X What’s new?

Where to buy it?


  • When exactly can you watch Apple's October event from Egypt in 2021 ?

In last September 2021, Apple released the latest version of the iPhone, which is the iPhone 13, This iPhone 13 new features were somehow frustrating to iPhone 12 users, especially that Apple did not come up with the WOW new features, So some users think that if you have an iPhone 12 you do not have to upgrade to iPhone 13 because it's not that big Move.

Macbook Air M1 pro M1 and Pro M1X

But let me tell you something, Apple usually does not make big upgrade steps between each version, in order not to lose the sails of the previous version, they may make BIG upgrades for every 3 or 4 versions.


Me and others think that this is why Apple did not announce or release their new Macbook Pro M1X at the same event, in order to Highlight their new laptop, So Apple preferred to release it in a separate event and it’s logical by the way.



Credit to : digitaltrends

Apple announced that they will release their new Macbook pro M1X on the 18th of October 2021 at 7 PM in Egypt time zone.


How to watch Apple’s Macbook Pro M1X event from Egypt 2021 ?

Apple Management is the Kings of storytelling, The Whole world can’t wait to know What’s new with their new laptop, I remember the previous event millions of internet users were waiting for the start of Apple Event - September 14.


1- How Can I watch Apple’s event on YouTube ?

How Can I watch Apple’s event on YouTube

Credit to: Apple

There are many ways to watch the streaming video of Apple Macbook Pro M1X.


Through Apple’s Youtube channel


As well you can watch the Same live by visiting Apple's website,

  1. Scroll down to the site photer.
  2. Press on Events and select Apple’s October 2021 Macbook Pro M1x event.

One more product that was surprisingly absent from the Apple September event was the AirPods, but there may be a good reason why Apple decided not to launch them in September. In fact, the absence of the AirPods from the September event may in fact hint at the date for the October Apple Event.


Full Comparison Macbook air M1 VS Macbook pro-M1

Full Comparison MacBook air M1 VS MacBook pro M1


Apple has big plans for the MacBook Pro in 2021 with a new version of the 16 inch MacBook Pro.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the M1 Macbook Air and Macbook pro features.


Display Size

Macbook Air M1 pro M1 and Pro M1 Display


For both M1 chips, Macbook Air & Macbook Pro, both of them are 13.3 inches, But Apple did not release the 16 inches M1 chip yet.


The Apple M1 Chip

Apple released its own M1 in Nov 2020, in fact, Apple’s team worked tirelessly to develop their previous Notebooks. They developed new advanced technologies, And the outcome was a new generation of Mac, The heart of the iPhone, Apple watch, Ipad and finally the Mac.

Compared to other similar price laptops, the MacBook Air has an incredible performance, Custom technologies, Power efficiency of apple silicon.


Macbook processor silicon chip

Credit: Apple

And this is because of their M1 processor, M1 has been optimized for the most popular lower power systems where small size and power efficiency are not critically important.


M1 delivers a giant leap in performance per watt. The Mac needs multiple chips to deliver all its features, So instead of making a separate chip for each one of these features, Apple combined all of these technologies in a single chip with amazing performance, which is the M1.


It also features a unified memory architecture or UMA, all the technologies in the SOC can access the same data, without copying multiple pools of memory, which improves performance and power efficiency.


It's easy to give the highest performance, but you still need to balance between performance and efficiency, And that is the hardest part, but it's an easy task to be accomplished by the 8 core CPU of the M1.


So What is the 8-core CPU (Central Processing Unit) of the M1 ?

As I said before, Apple made one of the hardest equations, which is to balance between High performance and high efficiency. They created the 8-Core CPU with 2 types of cores, each one of them is responsible for a single task.


The first type is responsible for maximizing performance.

Johny from Apple stated that the 8-Core CPU is the world’s fastest one, and the M1 has 4 cores of high performance.


The second type is responsible for maximizing efficiency.

Johny continued, the 4 cores of high efficiency use a tenth of the power while still delivering outstanding performance.

And this is where you may find the answer to the question of Why is the M1 processor has the highest performance and efficiency?

Why is the M1 processor the highest performance and efficient

Credit: Apple

And this is the same answer to the question of Why do all graphic designers use Mac ?


Big Sur

In the same event, Craig tackled the part of the Big-Sur feature, which maximized the M1 performance, “Your mac now instantly wakes up from sleep just like the iPhone and Ipad” said Craig

But let me tell you that this is not the latest technology, it's just the start of Apple’s new generation.



It’s up to 16GB unified memory architecture, so the Mac gives a quiet performance with better battery life.



Apple released the Macbook air in 4 different SSD storages, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB, but over the past year I did not find that there is a big demand on the 1 Tb and 2 TB, my be because it’s not worth it to pay such a huge amount of money in just bigger space, Me as a Mac user and other users also prefer to get the Macbook air 256 GB or 512 GB then if I needed extra storage I can scale up with iCloud with extra monthly charges.


Those 2 storage models are the world’s top-selling notebooks in 2021 and I think they will still be selling in 2022 especially on the Black Friday offers from Amazon USA & Best Buy.


Battery life

Macbook Air M1 pro M1 and Pro M1 battery life 2

Credit: Apple

MacBook air M1

Apple created the longest battery life ever in Macbook air Up to 18 hours battery life.
It’s up to 15 hours with wireless web browsing.

And it’s 18 hours of video playback.

MacBook Pro M1

Apple created the longest Mac ever in battery life, Up to 20 hours.


Macbook Air M1 pro M1 and Pro M1 battery life

Credit: Apple


And for me the most important part in the M1, adding the balance between performance and efficiency, is that
No fan.

No noise.

Just air.


As simple as that !


Facetime camera

Macbook Air M1 pro M1 and Pro M1 facetime

Credit: ithinkdiff


Apple also dedicated their support to upgrading the facetime camera to help you stay connected with your family and friends, So they created a facetime camera with a 720p image signal processor M1 for drastically improved performance.

3 mics with Noise reduction.

Greater dynamic range.

Improved auto white balance.

ML-enhanced face detection.



MacBook air M1’s weight

One of the best advantages of Macbook air is its weight !
Can you imagine that this giant performance weighs only around 1.3 kg ?


MacBook Pro M1’s weight

It only weighs 1.4 kg.



The Macbook Air has 2 type C ports


Keyboard & track-pad

“Go ahead. and take the keys!” This is how Apple described its keyboard.


Also, you can control the brightness of the keyboard through the top right button, and the Keyboard shortcuts as well.


MacBook air M1 magic keyboard

Macbook Air  M1 magic keyboard

Credit: Apple

The Macbook Air, equipped with a magic keyboard, you can feel the soft and smooth press of each button.

Touch ID

The seamless experience I had with this keyboard.


MacBook Pro M1 magic keyboard

Macbook pro M1 magic keyboard

Credit: Apple

Plus all features featured on the Macbook air, there is a wonderful touch-bar in the Macbook Pro M1, where you can pass all the important commands you need the most.

Touch Bar & ID


MacBook pro M1X What’s next ?

Apple has just unleashed the date of the next event, but they did not yet announce what the MacBook Pro M1X new features are?

The whole world spread the news, but few experts can predict what’s new with the Macbook Pro M1X, this is why I decided to refer to those experts.


All the Expected features of the new M1X MacBook Pro

  ITD (I think different) reports that the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models might offer the following features:


Apple will redesign the laptops’ exterior with flat edge-to-edge like most of the latest iPhone, iPad and other devices and no Touch ID bar. Maybe the company will replace it with a fingerprint scanner like the new iMac keyboards. The display will have thinner bezels.



The new MacBook Pro models will be powered by next-generation Apple Silicon M1X with10-core (eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores) but there are conflicting reports regarding the graphics cores, 16 core and 32 core variants. Even with 16 core, the M1X will be much faster than the already fast M1 chip which features four high-performance and four high-efficiency cores, with 7-core or 8-core graphics. With an additional graphic core, Apple might be able to turn the new M1X MacBook Pro into a competitive gaming machine.



After the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple is said to introduce the mini-LED panel in the new MacBook Pro models. A display analyst said that the laptops will also offer a 120Hz Promotion display, like the new iPhone 13 Pro model, with high resolutions.



The FaceTime camera will be upgraded to a 1080p webcam to improve the video calling experience.



Previous reports claimed that the M1X MacBook Pro models will offer up to 32GB of storage. which contradicted reports of up to 64GB RAM. Now, leaker @Dylan says that the base model will feature 16GB RAM and 512GB storage.



Apple is bringing back UHS-II SD card slots to provide a better video editing experience, and the laptops will support MagSafe charging.



It is expected that even with upgrades the new M1X MacBook Pro model will retail for the same price as the current Intel-based MacBook Pro models. The price difference between the new 14-inch and 16-inch models will be narrower.


Where to buy the Apple M1X from the USA ?

Where to buy the Apple M1X from the USA

Apple USA online store

Apple store on Amazon USA

Before you buy the new M1X MacBook Pro

The consumer behaviour in Egypt or all over the world, Buyers have a fear about the new products, this fear increases when they buy a high-value product like Apple products, they first start searching for reviews about the item they intend to buy.


They also search about the unboxing videos for the item, to check the usability, Items in the box and the feedback as well, so you can check the unboxing of Apple #MacBookProM1X2021 #unboxing & Review


Also, you can also check one of the top reviewers for Apple products, Marques Brownlee youtube channel has more the 5.3 M followers, He reviewed and explained every single detail about the new Apple MacBook Pro M1X, in a wonderful video.


Also, you can buy the new M1X Macbook pro from Apple store on eBay

One more online Electronics store that you can buy from the new M1X MacBook pro is NewEgg.


Then you can copy the product link from the online store, and paste it to the search bar of Gebhaly Homepage, then fill the order, and pay the due amount.


How can I buy an M1X Macbook pro from the USA to Egypt with ZERO Custom ?

How can I buy a M1X Macbook pro from the USA to Egypt with ZERO Custom


In order to get the best and Best shipping price, you can subscribe to one of Gebhaly packages, and you can save a 100% discount on Customs, VAT on customs and Gebhaly fees.


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