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apple Mouse magic 2 pros and cone reviews

Nataly Backry

26 December, 2021

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Magic Mouse 2 


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Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a wireless computer mouse developed and released by Apple Inc.

It features a multi-touch acrylic surface for scrolling and detecting gestures, and a lightning connector located on the bottom surface. Released day on October's 13 2015.


 The mouse comes in two colours: Silver and Space Gray on apple stores.






Magic Mouse 2 is wireless and rechargeable with a design that lets it glide smoothly across your desk.


What sets the Magic Mouse apart from the competition is its simple design, which makes it one of the most attractive mice out there. 


The ability to scroll, so if you spend a lot of time reading articles this is a necessary function. 

It allows you to zoom in or rotate things very easily.



 The connectivity is generally very good, if you leave it on it will stay connected to your Mac whenever you turn it on, but if you turn it off and turn it back on it will not reconnect automatically for a while and it will take a few seconds to go back into system preferences to connect it. 


The Battery life 

 A long-lasting internal battery will power your Magic  Mouse for about a month or more between charges. It also charges up really quickly.


The port for the Lightning connector is located on the bottom of the mouse, which means that it is unable to be used while it is charging.

Lightning Connector of magic mouse 2

Credit: Wikipedia 

Apple’s Magic Mouse will be the default choice for many Mac users because it integrates perfectly with macOS.And it can be set up for left or right-handed users too. 


Tech Specs 


Size and Weight

Height: 0.85 inch (2.16 cm)

Width: 2.25 inches (5.71 cm)

Depth: 4.47 inches (11.35 cm)

Weight: 0.22 pound (0.099 kg)*



Connections and Expansion


Lightning port


Is it worth buying Magic Mouse 2?

Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 offers MacOS gesture control unlike any other mouse on the market.

It’s for those seeking the most authentic Mac experience -a gesture power -user

For those who love navigating around their Mac with ease, the Magic Mouse2  can handle all of the feature controls included in macOS.With the flick or tap of fingers, you can quickly scroll, zoom and rotate, in addition to swiping between web pages….and more.


It was impressing Apple's superb build quality with the Magic Mouse 2 featuring materials such as aluminium for its bottom shell and glass for its top surface. 

Let’s see the pros and the cons. 


 It has a rechargeable battery 

It supports gestures  on the mouse itself 

Strong Bluetooth connection 


Some users of apple Mouse magic 2, noticed that it's not comfortable for them Especially since the design of apple Mouse magic 2 is streamlined and also since the majority of Apple users, in general, are designers, programmers, developers and digital marketers, which requires them to stay working for a daily long time on their laptops between 8-12 hours on daily basis.

Other Mac users also noticed that the matter is vice versa, the apple Mouse magic 2's streamlined and comfortable design helps them to stay working for a long time to accomplish their daily tasks easily.

 It is Pricy, but let me tell you that it is worth it to buy an expensive device to long last without problems than buying a cheap mouse that does not adapt to Mac. 




And as gadgetreview reports 

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 has one major flaw: its shape. It can be uncomfortable to use after some time because it lacks any ergonomic decisions. If you’re a software designer or artist, that will be a problem. For someone who sits down for an hour or so to surf the web will hardly notice, however. With that said, it’s still more comfortable than the Microsoft Arc Mouse, and its shape does support left-handed people, not just right-handed. There’s a Lightning port underneath for charging purposes (Lightning to USB cable comes packaged).


As we saw the Magic Mouse 2 was produced in 2015 So Still Worth it in 2021?  (as  Simple Alpaca review )

How does the magic mouse 2 hold up in 2021?

I think it's still a really decent mouse to pick up there's still that frustrating thing with the charging port on the bottom, but other than that I do think there's still a big reason to pick this thing up but in my humble opinion right I personally think the magic trackpad 2 is the most perfect thing you can ever get.

And I would buy like cheap like 10 to 15 ones on amazon they were completely built out of plastic they felt super cheap but they were cheaper than the magic mouse 2 and i figured you

know I could save some money they do the same thing right but those mouses would just break like every single like three to four months that mouse would just break and it was a horrible experience I hated it


 now looking around the magic mouse 2

I bought the magic mouse 2 and it has been a great experience i

haven't, this thing hasn't broken on me yet, I've spilt some water on it nothing has happened I'm so glad about it, you have the glass up top that's kind of like a multi-gesture based design on the top so you can scroll through pages by scrolling through the top it has multi-finger gesture support too so if you want to scroll through different desktops on your display you have that opportunity of doing so as well.

 And again like i stated that is another humongous asset of it and when you have you know a specific mouse like this and really the only thing i see apple eventually doing with the magic mouse 3 is maybe it's supporting wireless charging i think that would be great but on top of that if it moved the magic mouse you know the lightning point from the bottom to like the side or to the front or something i don't know where else they could put it but i think that would be the smartest thing so you can use it while you're actually still charging it now the bottom of it as I said has

that charging port and that is the most frustrating thing. I just feel like if apple moves it that's going to make a lot more people want to go purchase this mouse and at first, i was wondering like can you still use it while you charge it because the magic trackpad 2 has that capability.

And I think it's just a matter of time before Apple refreshes it but I ask myself like you know is that a big deal and, to be honest, it's kind of like 50 50 on one hand.


yeah it's kind of a big deal because you don't want to get a product that's already going to be outdated but on the other hand how much better can mouses get you to know i mean like even

the magic mouse 1 is still pretty relevant because it still works and there's just not that much wrong with it and that's why I think the magic mouse 2

And the battery life is great, I charge it one time and it lasts for like weeks and weeks and probably months on . And I think if you don't have a magic mouse 2 you should probably just pick it up they're not super expensive like I stated.

Another pretty big asset for it’s just so portable it's so small and it's so durable 

So I think in terms of that pretty much covers it up I would recommend it

but like I said i would probably recommend a magic trackpad 2 over the

magic mouse 2 in my opinion so that pretty much covers it up.

Testing the Magic Mouse 2 according to RTINGS.com

The Magic Mouse isn’t ideal for palm grip and is designed only to be used with a fingertip grip.

magic mouse 2


In The Box 

  • Magic Mouse 2
  • Lightning cable
  • User guide

in the box

Credit: RTINGS

How to buy Magic Mouse 2 from Amazon US to Egypt?


You can copy the Link from  Amazon Us, And past  it on Gebhaly page, and for the best deal you can subscribe to MINI packages  



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