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Pros and Cons of Shopping Online

Nataly Backry

11 August, 2022

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Pros and Cons of Shopping Online

shopping online shopping

These days many people prefer shopping online because of the numerous benefits .

So why do people love to shop online and what are the risks that lie behind?

What are the cons of online shopping ?

  1- Comforts

  • You can purchase what you want wherever you are at any time.
  • Without waiting in line .
  • Besides, you will not carry anything, if the product is heavy.

2- Best prices

  • Better prices and best deals are available online because you can buy from the seller himself without middlemen .
  • You can compare prices .
  • Most online sites offer coupons .

3- Purchasing variety 

  • You have many choices , you can buy the product you want from your country or from international brands .
  • You will find more sizes and colors because the stock is much bigger .

4- Sending gifts 

  • Now ,it’s easier to send gifts to your friends even if you are far away .
  • Most of the time the store can wrap the gift for you .

online gifts


Some of the problems of online shopping 

1-Shipping problems 

  • Some time the are delays with pressure 
  • Items get lost or damaged
  • Delivered to the wrong address .


  • The are some risks like credit card fraud 
  • Hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Counterfeit products
  • Bogus websites

3-You're not sure what’re getting 

  • Maybe you don’t know exactly the 
    • Sizes 
    • Texture
    • Fabric
    • Fit
    • Cut
    • Quality
  • The product that seems  great in pictures might feel awkward or cheap in fact.


How to reduce shopping online dangers ?

shopping online fraud

One of the ways to avoid the problems of buying online, especially when using a visa:

  • Determine a dedicated visa to buy online.
  • Put a specific amount in it that covers the price of the products you want to buy 
  • Buying from well known sites.

And thus reduce the risks of buying online by taking these precautions.

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