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Your personal assistant for online shopping

Nataly Backry

3 September, 2022

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Your personal assistant for online shopping

Your personal assistant for online shopping .

Often you need to consult someone when you are confused about buying some of your needs. Questions such as: What are the best stores or brands that I can buy from? And is it suitable for me in terms of price and shape?

If you love to buy online, what are the best and safe online buying sites?

Therefore, we recently saw the emergence of a function (Personal Shopping Assistant) for purchasing online.

In the beginning, this service was available to the very wealthy, but with time it became required by many people who need someone to help them buy their needs, due to their limited time, health or their inability to search on online shopping sites.

What is the job of the personal shopper assistant?

shopping online

Its main goal is to simplify the buying process for the customer so that he does not have to search on many sites and waste a lot of time and money if he doesn't buy the right product.

So your personal assistant works on the following:

  • Know your needs
  • Find the products that suit you
  • Make a comparison about the product on several sites and find the best price.
  • Know the available budget
  • In case you need to buy gifts for someone
  • Finding the right gift and wrapping it, wrapping service is available on some websites or from some stores.
  • It is not restricted to a single online store or website, as it searches on several sites and finds the best product for you.
  • He does not need to take your visa, all he has to do is search for products for you and offer them to you and leave you the payment step in the way that suits you.

What are the qualities should you find in your personal shopping assistant?

shopping online assistant

  • Ability to research, collect and analyze data
  • He/She has enough information about fashion
  • Familiar with international brands and stores
  • Knowing online buying sites and how to buy from them
  • Provide several suggestions to buy products from several places.
  • Follow up on the product after the purchase process until it reaches you.
  • To have flexibility in dealing.

personal assistant

You can find the best help to buy online at Gebhaly. Our mission is to facilitate the online purchase process from the USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, China and have it delivered to your doorstep in Egypt.

We have spent the last years helping many customers and merchants to provide them with more convenience and specialization.

  • We help you discover new products
  • We buy the products you want for you
  • And do customs procedures, customs clearance and tax for you.
  • Product tracking service from the time of purchase to the arrival of the order to your doorstep .
  • And to get the best offers from Gebhaly , you can subscribe to one of the Gebhaly packages to get a 100% discount on the tax and a discount on the Gebhaly fees.

Subscribe on Gebhaly’s packages per month and get discounts on all your orders.

What are the best websites to buy online?














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