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About Gebhaly.

How Does It Work?

Shipping & Returns.

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Gebhaly is an Egyptian market leader online shopping solution that helps you buy products from The USA & UK & UAE & Turkey & China across thousands of online stores. We buy on your behalf, ship your product internationally and locally, and deliver it to your doorstep wherever you are in Egypt.

Simply, we are the middle-man, between customers who make
Online Shopping in Egypt from the USA & UK & UAE & Turkey & China online stores, And the international sellers and online stores in the USA & UK & UAE & Turkey & China like Amazon USA, BestBuy USA, New Egg USA, eBay USA, Macy’s USA, 6PM USA, Carter’s USA, Wardow UK, FredPerry UKand more.

  • Copy the URL of the item you wish to buy and Paste it On Our Gebhaly homepage.
  • Gebhaly will Calculate your order in less than one second.

  • Place your discount coupon or subscribe to a monthly package to get the best discounts to all online stores from the USA & UK & UAE & Turkey & China , at your place.

  • Then you select your payment method, across our different payment methods.

    • Credit card.

    • Add Money To Your Gebhaly Wallet And Use it as a payment method).

  • You’ll Receive A Confirmation E-mail with your order details:

    • Items.

    • International Shipping Fees.

    • Domestic shipping fees (if added by the seller).
    • Discount Amount.

    • Total Cost.

  • We will review it with our revision team, then we’ll purchase your order.

While you are at your place all our teams will work tirelessly to deliver your order within 7-21 Business Days, from the receipt date in our warehouses.

  • Click on the “Register button”.

  • Fill in all your personal data that we can reach you on.

Or simply register with your “Google” or “Facebook” account.

Working Hours: From Saturday To Thursday, 10:00 AM To 6:00 PM.

  • Yes, Gebhaly has been a registered company since 2016.
  • Fill Your Product Data:
    • Item Price.
    • Item Weight (If Known).
    • Seller Domestic Shipping (If Known).
    • Apply your Discount Coupon or calculate as if you Subscribe to a package).

A Subtotal amount appears to you as a quick method rather than placing an order.

As the following 

  • Most of the products on amazon have a nearly accurate weight, But we do recommend waiting while we calculate your order with our experts to give the right weight of your orders.

  • Mainly such a feature exists in Amazon USA online store. When you access a certain item, on the bottom of the Product page, you can find product weight on the product details.

  • You pay for it upon arrival, Any extra amount you’ve been charged with, we will refund it to your Gebhaly Wallet then you can withdraw your amount in the same payment method.

We calculate the total price upon the following factors:

  • Product price provided on the online store you pick it from.

  • International shipping fees:
    Upon our transparency policy, you can clearly know your international shipping fees prices before placing your order:
    • Charges will be 159 EGP per 100gm if you're not subscribed to a Gebhaly package.
    • If you subscribe to a package it varies from one package to another, We mention each international shipping tariff in all Gebhaly packages.
    • International shipping companies weigh every product separately, so if your cart contains several items, each item will be weighed separately with a minimum of 100gm per item.

  • Customs: It varies from one category to another, and the Customs tariff is determined by the Egyptian Customs authority.

  • VAT on Customs: 14% of (item store price + customs), and the VAT tariff is determined by the Egyptian Taxes authority.

  • Gebhaly Fees: our commission is based on the online price, You can check this factor through Gebhaly calculator on the top of the home page or on your cart page.

  • Domestic Shipping Fees: The amount the seller adds onto an item or the whole order (varies from one store to another).
    EX: If you will buy an item from Amazon USA, Domestic shipping fees are the fees of Delivering this item from the seller to Amazon’s warehouses.

  • Clearances Fees: dues apply to a specific category by the Egyptian customs authority.

Local shipping: is the amount we collect to deliver your order from our office to your address (Customer has to submit a delivery request with his order).

  • International shipping companies collect charges to ship your items from our warehouse in the USA & UK & UAE & Turkey & China to our office in Egypt, and it varies from one company to another.

  • For customers who's subscribed to a Gebhaly packages, Fees are 159 EGP per 100gm, then you can check our Discount coupon page if there is a discount on international shipping.
    EX: If the item weight is 75gm it will be charged as 100gm = 159 EGP.

For customers who subscribe to Gebhaly packages the International shipping fees vary from one package to another, and it’s clearly mentioned in every Gebhaly package, the minimum item weight is 100gm, which means charges will be per 100gm.
EX: If the item weight is 75gm it will be charged as 100gm.

Customs that the Egyptian government (Tariff) imposes in Egypt.
It varies from one category to another and you can easily calculate it through “Gebhaly Calculator” or placing an order showing all the amounts with no hidden fees.

Our commission To run this platform is a percentage of the online price.

You can check the total cost in 2 ways:

1- Use the online Quick and simple Gebhaly Calculator at the top of the Homepage to instantly provide you with the accurate cost of an item without international shipping fees. (if you do not know the item’s weight)

2-  Place a Trial order to check out the total cost, wait for the review mail, and you will have the option to pay this amount if you still need this item, or leave it unpaid if you are not interested in it.

Yes, you can edit your order as long as your order is before review, But after reviewing your order from our team, you can not edit your order.

If your order contains multiple items Gebhaly ships it/them, Upon shipping conditions and warehouse process to your doorstep within 7-21 Business days.

• You Can Return Your Items Through Gebhaly and The Return Process Starts After We Receive the Items in our EG – Headquarter.

Notice: - 

- If The Items Is Not Damaged & Being Returned As Per Customer Request, 

Our Customer Will Be Charged A 10$ Fees Per Each 0.5 KG Of His Returned Items.

EX: If The Customer Asked To Return A Pair Of Shoes Weights 1 KG 

(Changed His Mind – Doesn’t Like It Any More)

He’ll Be Charged 20$ Return Fees And Will Be Refunded With The Online Price Only Once The Store Releases The Amount.

(Customs + VAT + Gebhaly Fees + International Shipping Fees + Domestic Shipping Fees) Are Non-Refundable.

- We Cannot Return Any In-Advance Clearances Approvals Items (Supplements – Cosmetics - Smart Phones - Electronics With Bluetooth)

- We Cannot Return To (UK - China - UAE - Turkey), Gebhaly Can Process Returns To USA Only.

- Gebhaly Commits To The Seller Return Policy 

(Means If The Seller/Store Does Not Accepts Returns, We Won’t Be Able To Return Your Order Without Any Responsibility Per Gebhaly)

We do guarantee that your shipment will reach you in the same condition that we bought which means that if you got your parcel damaged due to shipment disorder, you get a full refund instantly and for more information, you can check Gebhaly’s responsibilities in terms of service.

No, Gebhaly doesn't cover or guarantee the manufacturing defects as we deliver the package in the same condition we received it from the seller.

Just click on “My Orders” in the header and see your order details.
You can track the status of each product you buy from the online store to your address in Egypt.

Gebhaly Ships Your Order After Being Received In One Of It's Warehouses In (USA - UK - China - Turkey - UAE) Within 7-21 Business Days
- Supplements & Cosmetics & SmartPhones & Electronics With Bluetooth Might Takes Longer Period Within Shipping & Customs Phase Up To 4 - 5 Business Weeks.

We can return your item(s) for $10 for each 0.500 KG of the item weight.

  • In this case, you will only get a refund for the product item online price 
  • and note that (Customs - VAT - Gebhaly Fees - International Shipping Fees - Domestic Shipping - Local Shipping) are not refundable.
  • Kindly note that the original seller must have a return policy; otherwise, we will not be able to process your return request.

If you have any of the return issues that we mention, There are 2 ways to return your unwanted (item)s

1- Contact our devoted customer care department within 7 days (Holidays Are Counted) from the delivery date, Therefore, we will schedule a pickup to receive the order from your address within 3 business days.

2- you can visit our office at 22 Al-Montazah, Heliopolis, Cairo
and return the item to us within 7 days (Holidays Are Counted) and we’ll contact you later to keep you on track. 

Yes, as long as we did not purchase your order, we'll be able to cancel your order and refund you the total amount paid. Kindly contact our customer support department. (Terms And Conditions Applied).

Unfortunately, Gebhaly is unable to offer exchanges at this time. You'll have to return your order first, and then place a new order.

It is a fees being charged in order to ship the products from our warehouses to the airports & pickup locations to EGYPT and being added according to the [ Shipping Companies ] 

After you make an order successfully, you’ll receive an email that confirms the amount of your order without the international shipping fees.

In this case, your order is still in the review phase. Then you shall receive another email from our review team after the international shipping calculation, then you need to pay the total amount after the review email through our wide payment methods:

  • CreditCard. 
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash at Office

As long as the promo code is still valid, then we will be able to purchase on behalf of you.

Each coupon is applicable to the terms and conditions.

Yes, using your Credit or Debit card is safe on Gebhaly. Gebhaly's website is secure and protected by SSL encryption technology. Gebhaly never shares your credit card information with others, and we aim to keep your private information safe and secure.

You need to check the following 2 steps as a kind of troubleshooting.

  • First, confirm that you have filled in your credit card information correctly.
  • Second, verify your card details and try again later. If this is still the case, please ensure that your card is properly funded. If the problem persists, check with your credit card issuer or try a different credit card.

Sure you can! These sites are only for your reference, but you can choose a website that we don't have in the catalogue. As long as this website meets
the Gebhaly criteria, we actively care about our customers.

Gebhaly cannot purchase items that are prohibited or that require special handling due to import regulations.
Example: Sharp Tools, Medical Pills, GPS Devices, Sensors Devices, Camera’s, SIM Card Devices, Fragile Items, Fragrances,Vape,Alcohol, Smoking Products, Big Dimensions Item’s, Camo Colors, And any products that require special handling or authorization by the
National Security Department - Ministry Of Health - NTRA, or any other governor authority. 

Moreover, we do not purchase the products that require approval from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Communications and National Security Department 

It is an account in which you can transfer money through your credit card to be used anytime to pay for any of your Gebhaly orders.

  • Login to your Gebhaly account.
  • Select Wallet.
  • Add funds with your accepted credit card.
  • The customer has to make a deposit request and send it to the customer service to complete the transaction for you.
  • Login to your Gebhaly Account.
  • Select Wallet.
  • Select “Deposit”
  • Add the amount you want to deposit, then choose the payment method
  • Click “Submit”, you shall see a reference number# 
  • Send the reference number to the customer service (Call 15039)

Your transaction will be done and the amount
will appear in your balance.

Yes, you can withdraw your money from your wallet the same way you paid.
• You have to provide a bank account to receive your amount.
( Full Name On Card / Bank Account Number / National ID Number)
- Bank Transfer : You Can Withdraw Your Amount Within 10 - 14 Business Days.
- Credit Card : You Can Withdraw Your Amount Within 10 - 14 Business Days.

We return your item(s) for $10 for each 0.500 KG of the item weight.

In this case, you will only get a refund for the product item online price and note that (Customs - VAT - Gebhaly Fees - International Shipping Fees - Domestic Shipping - Local Shipping) are not refundable.

Egyptian Pound (EGP) through (CreditCard)

Credit Card

No, you can not pay cash on delivery, as we purchase your order from the seller on behalf of you after paying the order in full.

It is the (value-added taxes) applicable to the order By the Egyptian Tax Authority.

About is an Egyptian company established in 2016, providing an easy-to-use online platform that can simplify customers online shopping experience from the biggest online stores in USA, UK, UAE, China, Turkey and get their purchases fast, directly to their doors in Egypt, covering shipping, customs, clearance, and taxes

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