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Few steps to get your order..

In a few steps and less than 15 Days You’ll get all what you need from anywhere.

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Few steps to get your order..

1. Copy your product link and paste to our website with making sure that the product is from an American store to review your product data , if your link didn't work automatically you can easily add your items data manually.
2. Start making your order by adding your products to the shopping cart , and check payment breakdown.
3. Choose your suitable payment method and pay your order cost to proceed to the next phase

Gebhaly Purchase

We review the order , Then We purchase your items , be sure of all your products data such like (Size – Weight – Color) are accurate so we can get your order correctly.

Gebhaly Import’s

Gebhaly gets your products from your selected store and it's shipped to our U.S Warehouse , to be delivered to you

Gebhaly Delivers

Once we receive your order in our EG Warehouse . we will review it , and update your order status on your account , So you can easily track your order delivery status . our delivery company will get the order from our Warehouse and deliver it to your doorstep.